Monday, February 22, 2010

Basset Hound Health Problems

What are common health problems in Basset Hounds?

The life span of a Basset Hound is 10-12 years. Some of the health problems that your Basset could end up getting are; since Basset Hounds have extremely long ears for a dog, they are prone to getting ear diseases. If you allow your Basset Hounds ears to dangle in there food at feeding time or hang to the ground while playing outside they can develop fatal ear disease. However, not all Bassets end up with diseases like this when taken care of correctly. Also Basset Hounds can have eye issues. These loveable dogs have those sad droopy eyes, that can sometimes collect dirt in the open area under there eyeball. If this area collects dirt it can then produce mucus that will end up creating a clog. To help prevent this one can clean the area once a day with a warm damp cloth.

Another health issue your Basset can be prone to is having yeast infections. The yeast infections can form around the folds of the mouth. To help prevent, you can wipe down the mouth if you happen to see your lovable pet drooling everywhere. Plus another benefit to wiping there face they won’t goo up the place. Basset Hounds can also experience allergies, fungal on their feet, and can bloat. If bloating occurs, one must take immediate action and take them to the vets. The last health issue that may affect your Basset Hound is laziness. If allowed they can become very over weight. To prevent this from happening make sure to let your Basset Hound have plenty of exercise daily.

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